My Patreon backers are charged at the first day of the month. Since it’s early November, if you sign up now you’ll be able to sample my content all month for free before being charged on Dec. 1. If you back at the $5 level you also get instant access to my entire archive of Patron-only content!
Last month I started revamping my Patreon feed, packing it with lots of new content. Here’s what my $5-and-up backers got last month:
  • Rough sketches for five cartoons
  • Early access to three finished cartoons
  • Three exclusive bonus cartoons
  • An AMA post with tips about breaking into the illustration biz
  • A podcast interview with yours truly
  • Info about two cartooning events I attended
  • A “how to draw” book recommendation
  • A free PDF download of Halloween cartoons
  • A collection of fun and interesting website links
  • A drawing tip
  • A tip on writing gag cartoons
I’ve got more goodies on the way for November. Become a backer and join in on the fun!
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