My webcomics are a personal experiment and can range from the silly to the serious to the spiritual. I’m still searching for what writers call their “voice” or what marketers call the “brand”. It’s that one simple thing that summarizes what my comics are all about and what I’m trying to say.

I wish I knew what that was.

Until I figure it out, I’m aware that some people are thrown by the shift in tone from one comic to another (joke…joke…serious thing…joke….religious thing…). The truth is, the lack of consistency sometimes bothers me too. But I won’t figure out what works and what I’m strongest at unless I first try lots of different things.

In the mean time I’ve doodled up a quick self-portrait sketch for a new intro blurb at the top of the site that I hope will let people know what they are in for. It’s a clunky quick-fix while I figure out just what it is I’m trying to do with these comics.

While I’m at it, if you have any feedback or constructive criticism about my work, please contact me with your thoughts (I don’t allow comments on my posts because it’s too exhausting dealing with all the spam). I spend most of my time alone in a cave so hearing what other people like or don’t like really does help. (I’m not fishing for compliments, just feedback). Thanks!

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