Only three days left! Mostly Nonsense is almost 80% funded but we are getting down to the wire, so…New stretch goal!

If we raise $300 by noon tomorrow (Tue.) CST, every Kickstarter backer will get 2 months of exclusive bonus cartoons! Once every week or two I draw bonus cartoons that are exclusively for Patreon subscribers. But now, because you are so awesome, you can get them too!

According to my Kickstarter dashboard the average pledge (including shipping) is $30. That comes out to about ten new backers by noon tomorrow. It still won’t get us over the finish line but it will get us a lot closer. Then, hopefully, we will have enough of a surge during the final two days (which is a common phenomenon) to push us over the top. We can do this! But I need your help. Please spread the word!

Also, current backers can increase their pledge to claim a higher reward. That helps too.

Just point everyone to this link. Thanks!

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