The Kickstarter for my book of gag cartoons, Mostly Nonsense, is nearing the halfway point and almost 50% funded. It’s going to be harder to get noticed during the Thanksgiving break so I’m grateful for anything you can do to help spread the word. Thanks to all of you for the tweets and FB posts! It really does help.

Meanwhile, I’m doing what I can to help spread the word…

• Recently I was interviewed about Mostly Nonsense on the podcast Crowdfunding Cast. It’s short and sweet (only 11 minutes). Have a listen and feel free to share.

• Also, I’ve recorded a promo about Mostly Nonsense for the ComixLaunch Podcast. It should air at some point on their next episode (Ep. #123).

AMA (Ask Me Anything)
• Finally, I’ve set up an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event to promote the book. Got questions about cartooning, illustration, or freelancing? Just type them in and I’ll answer/discuss them on Tuesday, November 28 at 10am EST. Anything is fair game. Fire away!

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