I’m very grateful for my Patreon backers and am always looking for ways to make supporting me worthwhile. At the same time, I need to find better ways to earn money with my cartoons. After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to restructure my reward tiers to give more value at *almost* no extra cost, and at the same time increase my cartooning income to something more sustainable.

If you follow me on Patreon you may have noticed that I’ve started posting more frequently with additional content. It’s a work in progress but my goal is to at least double the number of posts in my feed. It won’t all be artwork – finished cartoons take a lot of time so for now at least, the cartoons will still be released at about the same rate. But I’ll be adding other goodies and fun stuff like sketches, commentary, links, downloads, AMA’s (Ask Me Anything’s), recommended resources, art/writing tips, etc.

New Patreon rewards are as follows:

$2 per month
Includes access to my cartoons three days before the rest of the world, plus a sample pack including some of the goodies that higher-level backers get.

$5 per month
Includes exclusive Patron-only cartoons plus full access to my new Patreon feed 2.0 which will now include sketches, commentary, links, downloads, AMA’s (Ask Me Anything’s), maybe a video now and then, etc. You’ll also get early access to my regular cartoons, just like the previous level.

$10 per month
Includes everything above, plus downloads of any digital cartoon content available in my store (books, greeting card memes, etc.) and the ability to suggest drawing prompts each month. You mention a topic and I’ll brainstorm some gags about it!

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