A couple of months ago I made the decision to take my foot of the gas and slow down my comic output. Because I didn’t feel right taking money from backers for such a decrease in output, I shut down my Patreon.

I assumed that my Patreon page would still exist, just in a frozen or inactive state. Instead it completely disappeared. This is a problem because most of my cartoons being shared around the internet are stamped with my Patreon URL. If people try to go to that link, they come to a dead end.

So, I’ve reactivated my Patreon. It’s about as scaled-down as you can get but at least it exists. If you want to become a backer and support me, you can. Right now there is only a $1 tier but if you want to give more you can adjust your total before confirming your pledge. Currently I can’t offer you anything more than my sincere thanks. If enough people become backers maybe that will change down the road.

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