You may have noticed I haven’t been producing much webcomic art during the pandemic. The shutdowns dealt a serious blow to my “day job” running an illustration studio and I’ve had to play catch-up. Thankfully I’m still making a living drawing but during covid I’ve had little free time for webcomics (which have been mostly just for fun since they were actually losing me money).

The time off has given me the chance to really think about the future of my webcomics. Even before Covid hit my webcomics were gradually becoming less about silly jokes and more about thoughtful Christian messages. My faith is a big part of who I am those are the comics I most enjoyed. Some of them were also among my most popular. If and when I resume making webcomics, I think I may want to steer more in that direction.

For now I’ve decided to officially pause Sketchbook Silliness while I sort out what future, if any, I have making webcomics. I need to figure out a way to make webcomics that are either profitable, or more spiritually meaningful, or (ideally) both. In the mean time feel free to browse the archive and share any comics you’d like with your friends.

I’ll also be shutting down my Patreon very soon. I want to say a gigantic THANK YOU to all of my Patrons and to everyone who supported my work over the years. If you enjoyed what I did and never chipped in, that’s OK. I’m just glad you enjoyed them. But if you want to you can always give me a tip or buy something from my store here.

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